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Interim Management - Business Development

As a part of the development of a company as well as during special challenges expertise is needed extending the duration of a classic consulting-project. In addition, we are also within the scope of special projects such as the structure of subscriber networks (CLEC) or "ICA-Reimbursements". Focus is the solution of challenges and problems. SCI is prepared to provide these services highly results-oriented and -rewarded.

SCI provides for the elimination of short-term capacity and know-how bottlenecks experienced and immediately available business development Manager and interim Managers. The average operating time depends on the project and giving the respective Company the time for the recruitment of a potential new employee or SCI will recommend and provide you with the right people out of our network.



  • SCI is providing creative and innovative solutions in every aspect of telecommunications such as creating mutual benefical business-relationships in the areas of global inbound-services (toll-free and/or DID/geographical numbers), international termination and VAS.
  • We are aggregating volumes of content- and service providers and offer an external sales-team with an excellent contact network for carriers aiming to expand their customer base internationally.
  • For carriers offering origination-services like freephone and local/geographical numbers SCI acts as an agent and develops new business-relations in an international environment.
  • For further information how SCI can ensure your international expansion, increase your revenue, minimize your costs, enable you to access new markets and grow both your business and margin please contact us

SCI-Internationalaer Service


SCI Unternehmensmakeln


When buying or selling a company, SCI provides individual support of clients looking for intelligent and realizable solutions. The focus is on solutions that enhance the entrepreneurial freedom and sustainably increase the company values. In mergers and joint ventures SCI provides experienced and professional consultants in connection with a proven network resulting in exceptional opportunities for clients.



Sales Management

The specialists of SCI help to identify market opportunities, to systematically exploit these, to unlock potential and to realize new business. Demonstrable revenues and earnings are generated. On this basis, sustainable growth takes place.

Added value arises due to many years of optimized networks. Markets are characterized by a further increase in competition. Market participants mostly use traditional marketing concepts and classic sales channels. However the intense competition and new technologies demand effective investment and the development of innovative distribution channels.

SCI addresses different target groups and markets - both nationally and internationally.

SCI Business Development