SCI Service Communication International GmbH

Implementation-oriented consulting approach

SCI is strong in implementation and operational!

To analyze the situation and develop the right activities, forms the basis. But only the implementation shows how viable the activity really is. This requires a partner who is at your side, assessing opportunities and risks, together with you taking action and actively supporting the achievement of objectives.

In particular, SCI sets the focus on Business Development and Sales activities in order to increase sales and profit margins.

All administrative processes remain unchanged.


Business Development

As a part of the development of a company as well as during special challenges expertise is needed extending the duration of a classic consulting-project.


SCI is providing creative and innovative solutions in every aspect of telecommunications such as creating mutual benefical business-relationships ..


When buying or selling a company, SCI provides individual support of clients looking for intelligent and realizable solutions.


SCI is located in Wülfrath

SCI is an experienced and recognized specialist in German and international telecommunications.

Since 2005 we are focussed to be an innovative consulting-partner with experience and expertise in advisory and sales. Business Development activities for international companies are the main tasks.